MS in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing program (MS-N) enhances knowledge and skills in the analysis and varied applications of the nursing theoretical frameworks as well as in teaching, research and community service. The MS-N program aims to produce profe... Read More

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is a six year degree program consisting of a two year preparatory (pre-vet) and a four year proper curriculum. The program provides theoretical knowledge and practical experience in animal production and diagnosis,... Read More

Doctor of Medicine(MBBS) in the Philippines

The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree is a five year graduate program intended to teach students the essentials of being a Medical Doctor. The program consists of three years of academic instruction, one year of clinical clerkship and one year of post... Read More

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) is a degree program designed to prepare students for becoming a Registered Dentist in the Philippines. It aims to develop skills and technical principles of different dental procedures as well as in prevention, diagnos... Read More

BS in Radiologic Technology

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BSRadTech) is a four year degree program designed to train students how to operate medical imaging equipment such as X-rays, CT scanners, MRIs, sonogram machines, and 3D medical imaging programs among oth... Read More

BS in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a four year degree program that teaches students the necessary skills and knowledge to care for the sick and injured. The program revolves around four main components; health promotion, disease prevention, risk... Read More

BS in Medical Technology

BS in Medical Technology (BSMT), also known as as Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, is a four year degree program that equips students with knowledge and skills in laboratory tests used in the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and tr... Read More

BS in Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) is a college program leading to a degree in one of the most diverse engineering disciplines which deals with the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of anything that ... Read More

BS in Marine Transportation

The Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) is a four-year undergraduate degree program which leads to a professional career in the maritime industry, as a marine deck officer. Through this program, the students will be able to acquire th... Read More

BS in Marine Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering is a 4 year degree program that centers on the construction, operation, and maintenance of different kinds of marine vessels such as cargo ships, cruise ships, fishing boats, battleships and submarines. ... Read More


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