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 Laurea is a higher education institution that operates on six campuses in the Uusimaa region. People and interaction are at the core of our operations.

At Laurea, studies, RDI activities and regional development are carried out in cooperation with different participants, including a variety of social actors, sectors and international partners. Cooperation is based on equality, with everyone being able to produce new knowledge and understanding.

 Learning and practical work go hand in hand at Laurea. Real-world assignments, such as projects and development work, are a key element in all our fields of study. During their studies, Laurea’s students get numerous opportunities to build their future jointly with potential employers.

 Our practical approach to studies and real-life study projects ensure that our students get networking opportunities and can accumulate work experience.

 Our service promise, “We are here for you at Laurea", is an assurance of a good learning environment for our students and of partnership and joint development for our partners.

  1.  At Laurea, you can study flexibly

             At Laurea, you will make a personal study plan that supports your goals. You will study in genuine working life projects. You can also plan your own schedule of studies and speed up graduation thanks to our flexible study offer.

  1. At Laurea, you get guidance and feedback

            We support your personal individual development and the progress of your studies using various guidance measures. As teachers and tutors, we are committed to giving you feedback on your development on a regular basis.

  1. At Laurea, you build your future with us – together with employers          

            We are committed to acting in cooperation with you and employers in accordance with the Learning by Developing (LbD) action model. You also have the opportunity to complete all your studies through real-life development projects.

  1. At Laurea, you get high-quality services that support your studies

            Our services ensure a smooth progress in your daily studies. We provide you with guidance and counselling in all matters related to your studies.

At Laurea, learning is based on real-life work projects and development assignments. We build learning around a research- and development-oriented approach, which we call Learning by Developing (LbD).

At Laurea:

  • You will learn through research and investigation, reflection and joint development together with      teachers, students and working life
    •    Gather knowledge base
    •    Practice your skills
    •    Develop creative problem-solving methods
    •    Acquire the competence required in your profession by participating in various development projects
    •    Active interaction with business and employers will help you establish valuable connections early on during your studies

Laurea’s degree-awarding education is provided in three distinctive forms as: daytime studies, blended learning and online learning. All three apply Laurea’s Learning by Developing (LbD) model, adapted to the nature of each individual form of study.

The LbD model is based on genuine development task related to real-life or a development task related to Laurea’s research, development and innovation project. In the LbD model, the teacher systematically guides the students and provides constructive feedback to support their professional growth.

Learning future work life competence through the LbD model

The Learning by Developing (LbD) model efficiently creates competence required in the work life. The LbD guides students to boldly take on challenges and act in a self-directed manner. The student learns how to combine theory and practice, how to resolve problems as well as critical thinking and reflection. The goal-oriented and guided work method develops competence related to project work and managing bigger pictures.

Learning by Developing requires an active approach and commitment from the student as well as building and sharing competence in teams. Close co-operation with work life builds the networks of the students and instructor with various partners.

The LbD model is incorporated into all of our study methods. The model hinges on the idea that in addition to examining theoretical problems, students continuously seek solutions to real problems and situations arising at work.  At Laurea you truly get to develop and improve!


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