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Metropolia is an international and multidisciplinary university of applied sciences operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We train experts and developers in culture, business, social and health care and technology. We form a community of 16,200 students and nearly 1,000 experts where different people and worlds meet. 

People and the world need new solutions: We wrestle with different challenges every day. One creates more humane care for the elderly, the other tackles the company’s profitability challenges with data automation. The third is working to reduce traffic emissions, the fourth is developing more durable clothing to replace fast fashion. Whether it’s the smoothness of our own daily lives or the fight against climate change, we need fresh thinking, new ideas and innovations, and bold experimentation. We at Metropolia want to be a platform for all this. 

We are a bold innovator and responsible partner in higher education. We work together to find new solutions and build a sustainable future. Our phenomenon-driven innovation enables a new way to learn, produce solutions and engage in multidisciplinary collaboration.

With our new strategy, we aim for even greater impact for the benefit of society, man first. Our intention is to be a bold innovator of competence and a builder of a sustainable future.

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